What are RV Solar Panels?

There is much talk lately about RV Solar Panels, so what are they and what can they do to help you enjoy your RV experience more?

So what really are RV Solar Panels?

If you are looking for the ultimate in energy independence for your recreational vehicle , RV solar panels are what you will want to fit to your RV.

Nothing can beat RV Solar Panels because as long as the sun shines, you will have no shortage of free power. You will be able to use your electric oven, your TV and DVD/CD player, use your laptop and charge your cellphone, or use any electrical appliance, knowing that you have all the sufficient energy without the need to plug in to a supply – especially if there is none available.

The RV solar panels are the most visible component of your RV’s solar system. They consist of an array of individual photo voltaic solar cells, mounted in a solid frame. The modern RV solar panels come in eighty, one-twenty-watt capacity, and their sized from 2 by 3 inches and 2 by 4 inches. They are made this way so that they easily fit S on a regular RV roof. Some systems allow you to “tether” your panels, attached by a wire so you can place the panels on the ground for better sun absorption if the RV is parked under a tree or similar obstruction.

Using your RV Solar Panels in this way, your panels will be facing the sunlight during any time of the day.

You may also join panel arrays together by linking them, to increase your capacity to collect energy.

Battery Storage of RV Solar energy

Of course you have to store the solar energy somewhere, and this is done in a bank of special batteries. They are deep cycled type and are different from the regular everyday automobile batteries. Batteries for RV solar panels are designed to be charged repeatedly. You should also make sure the battery capacity matches the RV Solar Panels capacity, and your dealer can advise you on this, if you but them rather than make the system yourself.

Be sure that you anticipate all your power needs. It is smart to size the system to take account of a percentage of cloudy days, so you will not run short of power during cloudy weather. Another key component of the RV solar panels system in connection with the batteries, called the charge controller. The charge controller is used to ensure that batteries do not become overcharged. Also certain types that even come with over-temperature protection.

How do we convert sun into usable power?

The inverter is the device you need if you want to operate AC appliances using solar charged batteries. You will also need to choose the size according to power needs of your RV solar panels. The best advice is to buy one that that is at least mid-range in current supply. This way, all appliances will operate as you want them to. Get expert help with this so you end up with one that suits your appliance usage.

How to use RV Solar Panels

RV solar panels are the latest advance in providing good RV power supply. They can save the RV battery and campsite electrical cost and offer you great flexibility and mobility. Most RV enthusiasts do not consider using RV solar panels as they think that they are too complicated and will not generate enough power, but these days that is not true.

These new generation RV solar panels are very simple to install and they can easily supply the RV’s required power needs. The normal power consumption in RV’s is not usually very high.

The magic that enables RV solar panels create energy is called the “Photovoltaic Process” and it is reasonable easy to understand. The RV solar panels, convert sunlight into electricity by moving the energy from one form to another. The RV solar panels are made from silicone. The light is stored in the panels then moves into the batteries in DC current as it is absorbed in greater quantities.

As well as the RV solar panels, a controller system ensures that not too much power flows into the batteries and damages them, but the batteries are sized so that they store enough power to run the electrical appliances in your RV at night as well when there is no sunlight.

Most of the electronic and electrical devices in the RV use AC current like your household appliances do. As stated before the RV solar panels do not supply. Therefore the system is fitted with a DC to AC inverter. It converts the DC voltage to AC. All in all, there are four essential things to make use of in solar panel of RV’s. They are the RV Solar Panels, charge controller, storage batteries, and an inverter.

To collect and store more power and voltage, multiple RV solar panels and batteries can be installed. You should seek advice from an expert on sizing the number of panels and batteries you will need to supply all your power consumption needs.

So when you travel to beautiful and remote places to enjoy your RV camping, RV solar panels will give you the convenience and independance that you will grow to enjoy. Happy RV’ing

How to choose the Best RV Solar Panels

If you love using your recreational vehicle, but want more independence and convenience, you need to explore what RV Solar Panels can do for you. You might ask what are they? Well they are panels that covert sunlight into stored electrical energy, by use of batteries. the main benefit is you can generate your own power and do not need to be plugged into a supply. So you can still have the comforts of home when in a remote location.

RV solar panels are a component of an electrical system driving all the appliances and lighting in your RV. As long as the sun is shining, you will be making enough power to have everything function for you.

Thousands of companies in many countries around the planet now offer a large variety of RV solar panels for your vehicle. Spend time researching which options are available by asking questions and researching in places like this, so you can size the RV Solar Panels system to suit your consumption needs, and also allow you tobuy the best system at the lowest possible cost.

Here are a few different ones that I have found a few facts about :

Alpine Survival RV Solar Panels

Alpine Survival is one of the top choices for people looking to purchase RV solar panels. The RV solar panels that Alpine Survival make sell are light, durable and easy to fit and transport. Look for one of the better quality RV solar panels like these if you want to generate power, even when it is cloudy for part of the day, as they absorb more energy than the older or cheaper RV solar panels do.

If you are accident prone, or your family is not as careful as they should be, Alpine Survival RV solar panels are very tough and can take a lot of mistreatment, they even say that you can stand on them. try it in the store and not on your own RV solar panels. They also fold up for easy storage.

Silicon Solar RV Solar Panels

Silicon Solar is another company with a comprehensive range of RV solar panel kits. They can supply you a kit with a small power supply, right up to a fairly large one with plenty of power to run the larger appliances like ovens for a reasonable period every day. Again ask your dealer to assist with sizing the right system for your needs.

Mr. Solar RV Solar panels

Mr. Solar sells a broad range of RV Solar Panel kits from many different manufacturers. Again they have the latest most efficient panels and from many reputable companies, they can also be of great help matching the right system to your needs, due to the wide range at hand.

There are of course many other brands and stores in your local area, take some time to research the best options and let the professionals help you make the right choice.

As well as making your RV travel more flexible by allowing you to go more places with no power to attach to, you will also save much on power costs with RV Solar Panels.

Extend your RV’s Functionality with an RV Solar Panels System

What can RV Solar Panels do for you?

Using a recreational vehicle (RV) for your vacations and weekends is an excellent way to travel around the country. You bought it in the first place, or are going to buy one, because it is pretty much a “home on wheels” with all the creature comforts you don’t want to miss, like properly cooked food, a TV and light to read by at night.

An RV is built with a capacity of power supply to supply of all the electrical necessities such as TV, laptop computer, even a satellite dish, and other things as well as an oven and other kitchen appliances.

If you like civilized camping on your road trip, you will want to bring along all your electrical appliances with you. This might give you a headache, because on board the RV, there is only a limited amount of power supply.

To deal with this problem, many RV owners are installing RV solar panels on their vehicle to supplement their power requirement.RV on tour needs RV solar panels

Most RV solar panels kits can be purchased from specialized RV supply stores. However, these kind of RV solar panels kits can be quite expensive. A solar kit designed for an RV capable of generating around 440 watts of power might cost upwards of $3000!

If you want to save money, you can actually make the RV solar panels system yourself. An RV solar panels system usually has 4 primary parts which are the RV solar panels, charge controller, battery bank and DC/AC power inverter.

You can buy off-the-shelf RV solar panels from most large hardware stores. The most difficult thing might be to install the panels on the roof of your RV. To reduce wind drag and therefore increased gas consumption when your RV is moving, the RV solar panels should either be installed flush to the roof of the vehicle, or you can use a removable system and store the panels in the RV, this also enables you to use them tethered, and placed somewhere on the ground near the RV, if you have the RV parked in the shade.

When the RV is parked, there should also be a mechanism which will enable the RV solar panels to be raised and tilted. This will make sure you get the maximum amount of sunlight into the solar panels also.

When the sun is shining on them, the RV solar panels will generate electric current to recharge the RV’s existing battery system. If your power consumption is high because you have multiple electrical appliances on board, or you want to store more for cloudy or rainy weather, you would be advised to consider installing a separate battery bank.

The battery bank can be made up using between 4 and 8 separate 12 volt deep-cycle batteries. These are special types and you should ensure you buy the right ones. The amount of electrical energy stored should be around 400 amp hours which will be sufficient to power your electrical appliances for up to about 6 hours.

If you decide on a separate battery storage unit, you will need to use a power inverter. All batteries only store Direct Current (DC), the power inverter will convert the DC to Alternating Current (AC). All modern household electrical equipment nowadays run on AC current.

The Benefits of fitting RV Solar Panels to your vehicle

There are several benefits of fitting RV Solar Panels on your “home away from home”.

Have you ever been in the middle of watching a TV show at night in your RV, and just at the critical moment, everything goes black, dead battery! Or reading your favorite book before going to bed, and again, the light fades away to nothing.

There is a solution, go and buy RV solar panels, and transform your camping experience!

Another problem you might have is the build up of power bills from camping grounds for all the electricity you use, on a long trip this can really add up. So why not get it for free with RV solar panels?

So how can you benefit from RV solar panels?

RV Solar Panels make your camping more comfortable

With RV solar panels you can pack even more electronic home comforts like a big screen TV, DVD or Blu-Ray, laptop, game consoles for the kids, and of course an oven to cook those homely meals. No more worrying about the battery running out, or the cost of the power bill.

See New Sights, have better adventures with RV Solar Panels

Don’t be limited to the usual camping ground, go and see new sights, knowing that wherever the sun is, your RV solar panels will create enough power to keep you cosy and comfortable, just like in your own living room (and kitchen) back home. With a big enough system, you can accumulate enough power in your storage batteries to cover you for cloudy days and rainy weather, just make sure you size the system for the extra capacity, and don’t plug too many home comforts in.

Liberate yourself, go and talk to your local RV specialist today about fitting RV solar panels to your mobile home, or better still, but the components and fit your own RV solar panel system to save even more money!

How do RV Solar Panels Work?

Maybe it’s magic, but converting sunlight into electricity is pretty simple, in RV Solar Panels.

So how do those RV Solar Panels make sparks from sunshine?

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How do RV Solar Panels Work?

It’s pretty simple really, sunshine is collected in the RV Solar Panels which are made out of silicon and which are really semiconductors that can store the energy from sunlight. Then a process takes place that “excites” the stored energy into transferring through a current controller into the storage battery or batteries. By installing extra batteries in your RV Solar Panels system, you can store additional power to handle all of your electrical needs, for whatever period of time or number of appliances you wish to run.

The next component in the RV Solar Panels system is the voltage inverter, to change the Direct Current (DC) in the batteries to Alternating Current (AC) to run your appliances.

So you can run your oven, refrigerator, big screen TV, laptop, lighting and whatever you have, from the RV Solar Panels system, as long as you have enough batteries and the right size voltage inverter to supply the amperage all you appliances use.

All 12vDC electrical appliances can be operated directly from the battery power.

You should consuly with the people at your RV Solar Panel distributor to help with sizing a system that will store enough power to run everything you want, plus have a capacity to store energy for cloudy days and night time consumption.

All in all, the addition of a RV Solar Panels system to your RV, will make it easier to go anywhere, and will save you money on camping ground power bills.

So why don’t you explore the improvement you can have in your camping vacations, by having an RV Solar Panels system fitted.

Happy Solar RV Camping!

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